Over the past 8 years Manchester Entrepreneurs has grown to be the one of the largest and most successful enterprise societies in the UK.

We connect intrapreneurial students and start-ups with businesses and corporates all across Europe, sparking the vital relationships needed for students to kick start their career, and for corporates to utilise new ideas and creative input from these savvy intrapreneurs.


Manchester Enterprise Centre

Based within Manchester Business School, MEC are recognised as a leader in enterprise education and aim to inspire, educate and develop enterprising individuals and enable them to positively impact the growth of dynamic organisations.

Manchester Science Partnerships

Manchester Science Partnerships (MSP) is a network of local scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs, catalysing the growth of innovative science and technology businesses. They provide office space, communities and networks that provide idea conditions for new ideas to flourish and for concepts to become commercial reality.

Campus Capital

Campus Capital is the UK’s first on-campus venture capital fund. Unlike traditional VC firms, Campus Capital is part run by active students who are leading on deals with early-stage, high-growth startups that have the potential to become industry-leading companies. Both lead roles of Campus Capital at the University of Manchester are taken by our core team members Adaobi Adibe and Fritz Lensch who aim to connect Manchester Entrepreneurs and Campus Capital closely.

University of Manchester

In total, twenty five Nobel Prize winners have passed through the University of Manchester. These include Arthur Lewis, Ernst Rutherford, and Andre Geim. Many of the University’s achievements and discoveries have shaped the history of the modern world.


Cisco is a multinational technology company headquartered in the Silicon Valley that distributes high-technology services and products. Next to supporting us and our members with state of the art tech, we are collaborating with their innovation centre Mi-IDEA. The centre accelerates key innovation projects in the North of the UK.


Hello Work is a platform that provides hot desking, co-working, studios alongside a community and events programme, which creates an eco system for businesses to benefit from. They provide the space to grow in the right environment.


NatWest is the largest retail and commercial bank in the United Kingdom and since 2000 it has been part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group. The group is actively involved in supporting early stage startups and high growth entrepreneurs. Apart from powering multiple initiatives aimed at students such as The GradFactor and StartUp Britain, they have launched their own free accelerator Entrepreneurial Spark which now has 13 locations all over the UK.