MEET THE TEAM (2016/17)



Vojta Petrus
Vojta PetrusPresident
4th year Chemistry student from the Czech Republic, PASS coordinator for Chemistry and previously worked on innovation projects at I Wish. On top of that also passionate about music (especially gigs) and cycling.
Sakib Moghal
Sakib MoghalVice President
Final year Geography student. Enjoy devouring knowledge (books, blogs, talks, podcasts), pursuing interesting projects (entrepreneurship, mental wellbeing, and coffee) and meeting fascinating, quirky people.


Richard Allman
Richard Allman
Penultimate year student in specialism with focus on Innovations, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship. Interests basketball, snowboarding and scuba diving.
Struan McDonough
Struan McDonough
I help run events to connect brilliant people with opportunities. Lover of languages, rowing and futurism. Enjoying final year studying CompSci & Mathematics.
Joe Wear
Joe Wear
Second year Finance and Economics student with a love for startups, mixed martial arts and cooking. Viva la Jamie Oliver.
Viandrei Cuevas
Viandrei Cuevas
2nd year microbiology student from the Philippines. Little travel bug and avid reader with an interest in sustainable development.


Amna Khan
Amna KhanSocial Media
Final year Management, Leadership and Leisure student, love business and anything business. Social media is my life, maybe that’s why I’m the social media coordinator. Gym and smoothies are also life.
Shannon Donoghue
Shannon DonoghueSocial Media
2nd year ITMB student specialising in marketing. Team leader for Enactus Speak-up project. Serial travel addict and book worm.
Anais Hristea
Anais HristeaDesigner
Artsy coder, enthusiastic of the human side of tech. Student of HCI and Computer Science. UX and Front-end is my expertise, looking for broadening my ability to emphasise humanity using machines.
Alex Masmejean
Alex MasmejeanVideo Production
Business Management & IT student from Paris, France. My goal is to change the world. Melbourne bounce addict.
Lavika Sachdeva
Lavika SachdevaCopywriter
Pursuing masters in enterprise, background in computer science, from India and I enjoy talking to people, travelling and learning new things
Loreta Hasana
Loreta HasanaCopywriter
2nd year Biotechnology student from Latvia with interests ranging from medicine to purifying water using bacteria. I’m driven by my curiosity and desire to always be growing and learning and I hope I can encourage others to do the same!


Daniel Ireson
Daniel Ireson
MSc Computer Science student. Ex-IBM intern. Full stack web developer with an interest in design and usability.
Alice Colt
Alice Colt
Second year CS with Business and Management student, passionate about technology applied to businesses. My goal is to ease lives by developing software application and to live a life I don not need a vacation from. Strong interests in global news, IT innovations, inspirational talks and sports.
Madalina Raicu
Madalina Raicu
Computer Science (HCI) student, particularly interested in how to make software applications more simple, useful and updated to the user needs.


Myrto Lalacos
Myrto LalacosCommunity Manager
Organisational psychology student with a penchant for entrepreneurship. I value altruism, curiosity and growth. My vision for the future sees people happier at work on a carbon negative planet.
Tomas Mjartan
Tomas MjartanAccelerateME & PR
Final year International Management student at the University of Manchester. Co-founder of IMPACT and an ex-Deloitte Strategy & Operations Consulting intern. Architecture and design enthusiast.