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What we do?

We encourage intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship within the student and graduate community, by connecting them with the wider ecosystem of businesses and corporates.

Set up in 2008 to create and educate a community of future business and society leaders.

Today, the community has flourished and comprises a diverse group, being one of the largest student societies in the UK.

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£2.5M funding

Making entrepreneurship accessible to all

What are others saying?

Richard Kuti, Ex-Head of Network for NACUE

Manchester Entrepreneurs have shown the ability to design and deliver an amazingly diverse programme of activity for their members. They’ve contributed to the personal development of many students along the way and are a fantastic example of this new generation of entrepreneurial students.

Dan Sodergren, Co-founder of Follogro

Manchester Entrepreneurs becoming the NACUE University Society of the Year in 2013 is testimony not only to the great marketing work of this years’ crop of new talent but of four years hard work which finally has been noticed. What other society has had such a viral marketing campaign? With 800,000 YouTube views and counting. Truly impressive.


Providing unprecedented access into the world of enterprise through the opportunities below.

Europe’s biggest student venture capital fund

Largest enterprise conference in the North

Platform to connect start-ups with young talent

UK’s only student run accelerator


Throughout the year we organise a variety of programmes and workshops in which we will shift away from traditional lecture-style ways of learning and development, and instead really encourage people to interact and help bridge the gap between the student community and the working world.

The whole purpose of these events are for people to interact with each other, learn new skills, and forge valuable relationships with startups and businesses from across the UK.

Venture Capital Investment Competition

8 February 2018 17:00 – 19:00 GMT

VCs are an important aspect of a start-up and business, but not many people/entrepreneurs know how to get VC funding, either because they do not know who to reach out to or because they are not familiar with it. Hence, Manchester Entrepreneurs have decided to organise a VC showcase – in partnership with Campus Capital – where we invite both Manchester start-ups and VCs. Start-ups have 1-10 min to pitch in front of the investors and get a feedback, as well. Some start ups will pitch for 1 minute (ones that decide to attend that day), those who sign-up in advance will have 10 minutes.

Speed Dating with Startups, Students and Investors

26 February 2018 17:30 – 20:00 GMT

An event where startups, students & investors could come together and meet each other. The event would take place in the form of multiple “speed dates”, where groups of 3-5 people (from different categories – startup/ student/ investor) would network and decide if they find someone interesting. In between these speed dating sessions, there would be opportunities for participants to make short pitches/ speeches on-stage.

Personal Branding with Google Garage

11 Dec 11:00 - 13:00

An event that will give an overview of how to develop efficient and cost-effective marketing for start-ups, your own personal brand and how it can be evaluated after creating a good content for a business.

Our Core Team

8 leaders
7 nationalities

Fritz Lensch


Fritz (Strategy & Design). At 16, I became self-employed as a Choreographer and Creative Director. For clients like Daimler or Universal Music Group I created stage concepts, instructed acting artists and supervised technical and administrational concerns. Having established one of the biggest event platforms for choreographers in Europe, I enlarged my job by founding an agency that connected dancers with national clients – all of this in parallel to going to school full-time.

In addition to this entrepreneurial background, currently I am a program manager for the new venturing arm of the Allianz Group, which will globally invest €430M in startups of all sizes, and am helping to build Campus Capital, one of the only student-led venture capital funds in the UK. I took over the Chairmanship of Manchester Entrepreneurs in September 2017. Looking forward, I am keen to explore how organisations have to change structures and culture to increase engagement and enable creativity and agility.

Kiran Arokiasamy


Kiran (Management specialising in Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship).
When I was 17 I participated in the Young Enterprise programme, which taught me a variety of entrepreneurial skills. This experience ignited a spark of interest into the world of business; understanding how to solve problems and market solutions quickly became a passion of mine. Soon after, I moved to Eastern Europe for a year and dived into the rapidly evolving start-up ecosystem here. From visiting accelerators to networking in enterprise conferences, I was shown the endless possibilities this sector had to offer people like myself.

With Manchester Entrepreneurs, I want to help develop entrepreneurial skills and mind-sets in students through practical learning opportunities. I want to change the perception that entrepreneurship begins and ends with owning a company – to me there is so much more to learn from this field.

In the future I do hope to start my own business: where, how and with whom I am yet to decide –  these are the first steps in any venture.

Alex Chong

M-E Leader

Alex Chong (Accounting) The first day I set foot in the world of entrepreneurship was unforgettable. At 16 – the youngest employee at my local printing company – the initial feeling I had was one of unease: it was my first exposure to the “adult working world”. This, however, turned out to be one of the most fruitful experiences I have ever had. It allowed me to see, first-hand, what being an entrepreneur means and gave me a taste of the vibrancy entrepreneurship entails.

Two years later, here I am at Manchester Entrepreneurs, no longer the kid I was at 16. But what time could never diminish is the fascination I developed for entrepreneurship. In the upcoming year, I, with my teammates, aim to provide a variety of opportunities for students in Manchester who aspire to become an entrepreneur.

Cristina Jiang

M-E Leader

Cristina (Biotechnology) I have diverse experience in retail and customer service, having run a restaurant and worked as a sales assistant at Sephora and Gucci. With experience as student content creator for the University of Manchester and Cancer Research UK Society, I hope to contribute in promoting M-E events in a more innovative way, as well as celebrating Science in entrepreneurship. Being a very open-minded and flexible person, I imagine my future self having several jobs in different fields.

Catalina Maria Vlad

M-E Leader

Catalina Maria Vlad (Information Technology Management for business) is a Romanian student full of enthusiasm and positive attitude. She is a technology lover and enjoys undertaking big projects in education, IT, entrepreneurship and arts. She was co-founder of an artistic organisation in Bucharest, organised over 35 cultural events, lead the DTP Department for LZR Magazine, volunteered 5 years for Save the Children Romania and has been training teenagers part of the Academy of Central School of Europe scheme on different schemes.

Besides a huge passion about businesses and their development, Catalina is vice-president for HackSoc, society that is organising international hackathons and promotes technology and its potential in today’s world. She sees herself being a product manager and later on she wants to open her own business. M-E is for her a place to learn, experience and share knowledge around people. Together with the team she hopes to deliver valuable memories and organise events that people will remember about. Until then, you can meet her anytime for a coffee around campus.

James Helfer

M-E Leader

James (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) Having worked at the UK’s largest stockbrokers’ and Sweden’s largest bank, I understand the problems faced by large companies: inefficiency, lack of innovation and damaging hierarchies. In my time with the European Youth Parliament in Estonia researching, debating and creating policy on the ‘gig economy’, I realised this is not unavoidable; with the right culture and skill-sets, competitive and innovative companies can be founded by anyone.

With Manchester Entrepreneurs, I want to learn more about entrepreneurship and help to give other students this same opportunity. As President of UoM Toastmasters, I bring to our team experience with Public Speaking and an efficient, level-headed mindset. Looking forward, I can see myself in the financial sector – perhaps in the growing and exciting FinTech industry.

Lorena Cristiano

M-E Leader

Lorena Cristiano (LLB Law with Politics)

As part of my degree, I’m currently conducting research on Africa’s Brain Drain and its impact on Development with a focus on Education. Having founded – and currently preside over – AYAL (Aspiring Young African Leaders), a platform dedicated to empower young Africans or those of African descent to create positive change and strengthen links between the African Diaspora and the Continent, and co-founded YAWIDIAN (Young African Women in Diplomacy and International Affairs Network), which recently co-organised the Sub-Saharan Africa International Model of United Nations (SAIMUN) in Cameroon, this is a topic close to my heart.

I have been involved in a variety of activities to foster youth empowerment and engagement in decision-making processes and development in their communities. I was recently invited to speak at conferences such as UpRising UK Fastlaners employability programme in Manchester, where I spoke about social entrepreneurship and leadership, and ECO Africa’s “Future Innovation for Africa” panel discussion at the University of Salford, where I gave youth perspectives on the status of innovation in the continent. I was also selected to attend the Bank of England Future Forum 2017, where I discussed initiatives by which the economy and the BoE’s work could be more accessible across all sectors of society, including business, charities and education.

Coralie Elsa Lolliot

M-E Leader

”As a French citizen and Ivorian descendant, my first entrepreneurial experience started within the social enterprise Femme Egale Vie (FEV), Abidjan, where I was given Project Manager status. Under the guidance of a Senior Executive Team, I co-ordinated the application for the U.S Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Fund (ASSFH).

This endeavor built upon my prior experience as an intern within Alliance For African Women Initiative (AFAWI), Accra, where, through my focus on micro-finance consultancy of small street-food businesses and shops, I learned to efficiently support young Ghanaian women in business.

Following an experience within the leading global PR firm Edelman, I currently stand as the Co-Founder & Public Relations Director for AYAL (Aspiring Young African Leaders), a student platform dedicated to African affairs, and as a member of the UN award-winning leadership programme Parliamentors.

As for the future, I now aspire that my passion for human development & policy making will aid in leading the way in sustainable economic & social success on African grounds’’.


Thanks to these relationships we can build a more sustainable future.

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